Best supplements for weight loss and muscle gain

In this article I will take you trough the best supplements for weight loss and muscle gain. I will break down 4 supplements for you, which in my opinion are crucial for your body’s build up and recovery. These four I take on a daily basis. I will also break down why each supplement is important.

Best supplements for weight loss and muscle gain – are they necessary?

Now lets start of by saying that supplements are not necessary. They are only there to support a good training ethic and a very solid nutritional plan. So if you’re not getting a good amount of food in, there’s no amount of supplementation that you could take in order to counteract a poor diet and poor training routine.

However, if you want to loss weight and gain muscles you can make use of these supplements to speed up your process significantly. Lets get into the best supplements for weight loss and muscle gain!

Whey Protein for muscle gain

The first supplement that I am going to recommend to you guys is going to be whey protein. And as I mentioned before, by no means are any of these supplements magical and are going to make you blow up over night, but they do help in a very significant way. So the whey protein that I like to go with is ISoPeptzero. This is an isolate protein. You’ve probably heard a lot of protein names being thrown around.

There’s are different products on the markters in concentrate form, there are different blends of proteins and there’s casein. You can also opt for vegan protein if that is your thing.

Image of whey protein supplement by Optimum Nutrition.
Whey powder for building muscle

This is Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard whey protein, which you can get easily from Amazon.

Ultimately, it’s going to come down to how you feel about the certain protein. So I’ve noticed that when I take whey protein, my stomach doesn’t get bloated whatsoever. It digest very, very well. And there’s absolutely no complications with it on my end. If you struggle with digestive problems you might want to try a few different ones to find one that works for you.

Whichever protein powder you choose, they can all benefit your body, so dont get to hung up on the type of protein you go for. The most important part is to get started.

Protein powder is just a powdered form of protein. You could get a similar benefit from having a chicken breast or a steak or some eggs, some egg whites. It’s just in a more convenient and tasty form within this. You can incorporate it in your cereal. You can have a shake post workout. It’s going to digest a lot quicker. And ultimately it’s just a good thing to have on hand.

But try not the skip this supplement because you will need protein in order to build muscle mass. It is the building blocks of muscle. So if you are not getting enough protein within your daily diet, then whey protein is definitely something that you might want to consider.

Creatine for strength

The second supplement is creatine. Now, while it does sound a bit sketchy, there’s nothing wrong about it.

It’s the most consistently researched supplement on the market with very, very consistent results. Ultimately it is going to lead to a significant increase in strength. It is also very affordable.

Image of a creatine supplement made by Thorne Research.
Creatine supplement from Thorne Research

The one I use is Creatine from Thorne Research which is a certified brand. But there are many good brand out there.

I personally take 6 grams per day. It doesn’t have to be post-workout or pre-workout. It could be any time throughout the day, but I would recommend you trying to build it into a habit because that way you won’t forget about it.

Fat burner supplement AKA “Oxyshred

The third supplement is one of my personal favourites. This is going to be Oxyshred, AKA fat burner supplement. Now the name is a little bit misleading.

It is not going to magically burn fat off your body. It is just going to make that process a little bit easier. And if your goals are going to be fat loss based, this can definitely help in that process.

Image of the fat burning supplement called Oxyshred one of the best supplements for weight loss and muscle gain
Oxyshred supplement for weight loss

Again, this is not going to magically burn fat. It is just something that is going to make the negative effects of being in a caloric deficit, a little bit less harsh. I have one scoop in the morning, most mornings. And if I do cardio, I will have this. Honestly, it is a big lifesaver. If you get up pretty early or, this is phenomenal. You can get it from amazon here.

Pre-work out supplement –JNX Sports The Curse

My fourth and last recommended supplement is one for before your work out. This is just to help your blood flow increase and make sure you get all those benefits to get you going and ready to pump hard.

it’s going to increase blood flow to the muscle on top of providing you with the energy benefits that you get from certain fat-burners. The one I go with is from JNX Labs The Curse Pre Workout supplement.

Image of the pre work out supplement JNX sports, the best supplement for weight loss and muscle gain
Pre work out supplement from JNX labs The Curse

Now I don’t take these every day. I might take these two times a week, or maybe 3 times per week. It really depends. If I’m cutting down on calories and getting quite lean, then I will have more of this because I want that extra boost before I start my work out.

We want to get those pre-workouts in, and this supplement can help you do that. Now on the days that I don’t take this one, because it is a little bit harsh, I will combine my other supplements.

That just going to be a nice clean energy complex. I have no crush whatsoever with this one and I can take that in the morning and I’d feel pretty good the whole way through the day. Honestly, try this one and then the creatine before you work out and I guarantee you, you will have the best work of your life.

Best supplements for weight loss and muscle gain – Conclusion

That was a quick overview of my top four supplementations. Protein, creatine, a fat burner, and then pre-workouts.

If I was to recommend one and only one supplement, it’s going to be creating because it does provide actual 100% benefits in terms of strength increases that you can’t really get from anywhere else. You can get a bit of creatine through your diet but it never covers how much you can get with a supplement. Just 5 grams per day can get you going.

Hoped this overview of best supplements for weight loss and muscle gain is helpfull, also check out my other article about supplements here.

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