How to use protein powders

How to use protein powders

Protein is among the main most useful and body-building elements in the body. Doctors and medical practitioners encourage an average intake of proteins to build muscles and boost weight. In this article we cover a variety of ways on how to use protein powders.

How to use protein powders – what kinds?

With the introduction of protein powders, people can adequately consume the right quantity of protein daily. The ready-made protein has saved many people from going through the hustle of bringing solid protein-rich foods together. The products are soluble enough to fit in almost all meals, be it snacks, soups, shakes, desserts, or even water.

There are many protein powders you can try out. Many of them have similar functions, and aren’t that different. I personally use the following protein powder

Image of whey protein supplement by Optimum Nutrition.
Whey powder for building muscle

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Easy Ways on How to Use Protein Powders in Various Meals

Proper protein intake is a way of living a healthy lifestyle. Apart from eating balanced diet meals, at times, an increase in protein consumption is necessary. The fascinating bit of protein powders is that they come in different sweet flavors. The flavors are edible anytime and anywhere. Here are few meals that will aid on how to use protein powders.

1. Protein Pancake

Pancakes are among the favorite breakfast recipes that the majority of people enjoy in the morning. Incorporating your favorite breakfast meal with protein powder is not harmful to your body. The powders sweeten the pancake’s taste. Pumpkin flavor balances both tastes and smell of your pancakes.

2. Protein Powder in desserts and Cookies

Did you know that you can customize your cookie recipe with protein powder? Yes, it is possible. The powder’s design mixes well with other ingredients, and no one would notice its presence. However, the protein intake requires strict supervision, not exceeding the recommended amount. One of the best recipes for protein powder cookies is the chocolate peanut cookies that go well with high protein. Add the protein powder to your favorite desserts such as wafers and ice cream. Use different flavors to match the taste of your dessert to make it appealing.

3. Protein Powder in Shakes

Protein shakes are one of the ways to use protein powder. A healthy lifestyle requires healthy routines that impact the body. Incorporate some protein powder with your occasional or daily chosen smoothies to improve the intake. Protein powders are easy to consume, soluble, and useable during training sessions. Though protein powder requires strict consumption measures, they work effectively due to their direct absorption into the body tissues. People with strict working schedules prefer protein shakes other than solid protein foods such as eggs and steaks.

4. Protein Powder in Oatmeal

Having oatmeal in the morning is one of the best ways to start your day. Oatmeal is among the effortless meals protein powder fits. You can incorporate protein powder into oatmeal to add extra value to the meal components. Protein powder with a touch of chocolate and other flavors is best for oatmeal. Any form of protein powder makes it more nutritious to the body. A whole-grain oatmeal a day makes the body strong and healthy.

5. Protein Powder in Salad and Pudding

A salad rich in nutrients is healthy for regular consumption. A wholesome salad does not resist adding other additional nutrients to it. Protein powder fits in well as it is full of minerals and amino acids. Apart from the standard salad spicing of salt, olive oil, and the rest, consider adding a teaspoon of unflavored powder. The added ingredient like pea protein powder makes it more beneficial. Healthy living has drawn people closer to elements such as chia seeds. Adding some protein powder and chia seeds to your pudding and yogurt recipe is the best thing to adapt. Flavored protein powders are suitable for natural yogurt as it adds sweetness.

6. Protein Powder in coffee

A cup of coffee once in a while is refreshing as it boosts the body and mental energy. Occasionally consider withdrawing the creamy coffee consumption and replace it with high-quality vanilla-flavored protein powder. The mix will help in mind and body relaxation and fulfillment, especially for people who skip breakfast.

7. Scrambled eggs and homemade soup

Scrambled eggs are among the favorite breakfast recipes that many people prepare almost every morning. Though eggs are rich in proteins, nutritionists encourage people to add some powdered protein to add more flavor and nutrients. The additional protein amps up the available protein to make it more infectious. Consider adding a small number of flavorless protein powders, and the results will be visible after some time.

8. Protein Powder in Soups

Homemade soup is the best appetizer every individual desire. Stir a tablespoon full of protein powder into your delicious soup and enjoy its thickness. The secret of how to use protein powders in soups lies in waiting for the soup to simmer. You then let it cool down before later adding the product. High heat affects the general nutrition value of the powder, thus making it worthless.

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