Protein Shakes for Muscle Gain – 7 solid recipes

AndI’ve been making smoothies ever since I started my fitness routine. So is the day I’m going to share my smoothie knowledge with you all. Here you can find protein shakes for muscle gain recipes. We are going to make some for bulking, meaning some with high calories, and some lower calorie ones for when your cutting.

Materials needed

First of you need a proper blender to create your perfect smoothies. I am using this Ninja professional one at the moment.

An image of the Ninja proffesional 72 Oz countertop blender usefull for making protein shakes for muscle gain.

I also used to own a NutriBullet one, they are both very good. You can check them out here. To be honest there are many good blenders on the market, just don’t go for the cheapest of the cheapest, as they will break. A scale is also handy if you want to do make it more of an exact science, or you can eyeball it, like I often do. Its best to use frozen fruit otherwise it wont be that cold and your consistency isn’t that good.

Protein powders for protein shakes

No besides a proper blender and a scale, you obviously need the protein powder.

I have many flavours myself, but I understand that not everybody starts with many flavors So if you want to be a bit more economical and just get one flavor, I would go with the vanilla because that is the most versatile. This is a vanilla ice cream one from Gold standard. I love the taste in smoothies.

Images of Gold Standard vanilla ice cream whey powder for muscle building

You can pretty much get away with vanilla in any smoothie. Now you might be tempted to go for an unflavored whey out, but I would say avoid that because you need the sweetness of the powder, especially in some of the smoothies that you’re not putting many sweet ingredients into like the next one.


1. Protein shakes for muscle gain – Tropical

First one is a tropical smoothie. Go in with some banana and pineapple and mango. Next, we use i a scoop and a half of vanilla whey protein and some unsweetened coconut milk. Lid on tight blend that. Check the consistency and alter to your preference. This is the exact recipe:

-100g banana
-100g pineapple
-100g mango
-45g vanilla whey
-300ml coconut milk

2. Protein shakes for muscle gain – Merry Berry

Start with some pineapple and avocado. I’m going for a full avocado. But you can also just start with a half and and a bit of baby leaf spinach. Again, I’d go easy on the spinach. I’m also adding some fresh ginger. Next some vanilla protein again and I’m adding some of this complete greens supplement in just for extra nutrients. Next add a good bit of lime or lemon juice. And the finally some honey.
Here the measurements:

-150g pineapple
-1 small avocado (roughly 100g),
-a few spinach leaves (roughly 5-10g
-small chunk of ginger
45g vanilla whey
-teaspoon of complete greens
-juice of a lime
-15g honey
-ice & 300ml almond milk

You can also use vanilla whey powder if you prefer.

Protein shakes for muscle gain – Chocolate

So it’s chocolate smoothie. Start with frozen banana, peanut butter, and Nutella. Obviously there’s one might not be particularly diet friendly.
Chocolate protein powder going in next and ice. I’m using skimmed milk for a change.

-150g banana
-25g peanut butter
-20g nutella
-45g chocolate whey
-ice and 250ml skimmed milk

Protein Shakes for muscle gain – Low calorie cutting smoothie

Next up. We’re going low calorie slash cutting smoothie. And the key to a low-calorie smoothie is berries, lots of berries. I’m keeping it simple with just some raspberries and strawberries and the protein part as vegan white chocolate protein powder. Berries and white chocolate are a good combo.

I’m using almond milk because it tends to be the lowest in calories.

-120g raspberries
-120g strawberries
-45g white chocolate protein powder or vanilla whey
-300ml almond milk or any other low fat milk

Protein Shakes for muscle gain – Super bulking smoothy

Next up a super bulking high dense calorie smoothie! Add some protein powder and almond butter to the blender. Add bananas and dates, oat milk and oat. I make sure my banana’s and dates are frozen. That’s took my dates and a frozen as well to make frozen dates. Next I toss in my almond butter and use around 30 grams of protein powder. I am using oat milk but you can even go higher with the calories by adding a fattier milk.

-125g banana
-100g dates
-25g almond butter
-30g oats
-45g banana whey
-300ml oat milk.

Now this one is super high in calories so you definitely want to fit this into the right place of your training schedule.

Protein shakes for muscle gain – No powder still protein

Now, what if you want to make a protein smoothie without protein powder? In that case you go for this no powder – high protein smoothie. Use some fat-free Greek yogurt, some peanut butter, frozen banana and strawberries. Add some honey for a bit of sweetness. If you need a bit sweeter fruits you might not need it though.

-150g banana
-150g strawberries
-170g fat free greek yogurt
-300ml skimmed milk
– 20g honey (optional)

It is nice to alternate your smoothies with a powder free one, but I wouldn’t do it to often because it just costs much more then adding the protein from the powder. It is much more cost efficient.

Hope you enjoy these!

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